Gameplay Edit

Unlike normal Ristar games Ristarpg: Underneath the Stars is as named a rpg where Ristar falls into a crevice and needs to get out. But the whole game is an RPG where you get 3 other party members throughout the game. Grey Ristar: A Bisexual Ristar who just wants to get out the crevice and find his lover. Harribo: A kind lion who wants to eat the upper worlds animals to extinction. And Lukemia Larry: Who doesn't want to die. (he dies). Each turn is like FF1


Script Edit

*beggining of game*

(Ristar stumbles upon a big crevice)

Ristar: Whoooo boy it sure would have sucked if i feel into that there crevice, better turn around and walk to safety

Dark Ristar: Hold it right there Hetero scum!

Ristar: Dark Ristar i should have known you put a giant crevice in the earth to try and stop me!

Dark Ristar: That's right, and now i will push you in there whether you consent or not, because i don't ask for straight permission!

Ristar: YOU FIEND!

Dark Ristar: Thats to bad

(A 56 Minute fight scene ensues)

Ristar: (exausted) Man you sure have gotten stronger since last time...

Dark Ristar: Thats right for i have aquired the 7 gayralds and can now become Darkest Ristar, with that i can push you into that crevice! (points to crevice)

Ristar: No it can't be... the Gayralds!

Dark Ristar: The Gayralds!

Ristar: If only i had the anti gayralds to stop you but i guess not...

Dark Ristar: Just as i thought your to distracted with not being gay that you havn't aquired the anti-gayralds to stop me. Foolish star you have sealed your own doom

Ristar: Wait please Don't im afraid of falling!

Dark Ristar: (Transforming into Darkest Ristar) I know. (Pushes Ristar)

Ristar: (falling) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooo

Darkest Ristar: Now that thats over with i can finally rule this world and spread my gay gas throughout the world and make everyone choke on its fumes until they themselves turn gay enough to breath it MUAHAUHAAHUAHAUHAu.

*When meeting Gray Ristar*

Ristar: You look like me... i thought i saw enough me's last time i did anything worthwhile.

Gray Ristar: I've seen someone like you before as well although he wasn't as straight looking. I liked that, i like both eitherways...

Ristar: ?

Gray Ristar: Never mind that pleased to meet you and your body

Ristar: (slightly abashed) hello im trying to get out of this darned place

Gray Ristar: I can respect that, i can respect many things in men and women equally but i as well would want to leave this place. For my love is not here.

Ristar: Ok you can join me in getting out of here

Gray Ristar: I would enjoy that 50% of my enjoyment.

*Meeting Harribo*

Harribo: (While eating a person) Man it's just not the same anymore *sigh*

Ristar: Whats the matter?

Harribo: (spitting out corpse) I'm just tired of eating freshly divorced children, ive eaten so many it seems there are no more children divorces in the world...

Ristar: Don't worry im sure you'll fine another child in emotional torment to devour soon.

Harribo: You don't need to try to cheer me up, after i ate the divorced parent i went after their fresh emotional depressed children, that was the last one...

Ristar: Is there anything else you'd eat?

Harribo: Well my rampent child hunger is near insaciable, i could go for a fresh sewer child by now...Saddly there is no sewer system in the crevice. So my child lust cannot be quenched... Life is so unfair

Ristar: Hey if you come with me you could go to serface and eat all the youth you desire!

Harribo: Really?

Ristar: Of course!

Harribo: Then sure i'll join you!

Ristar: YAY child eating.

*Meeting Lukemia Larry*

LL: *cough cough*

Ristar: Hello

LL: Hello im Larry Lukemia Larry, pleased to *cough* meet you

Ristar: You don't seem to be doing so good, and look so good either

LL: I have a urinary tract infection and its spreading to my falopian tubes, i don't have much left to keep me going

Ristar: Well on the serface we have many other medicines that could help you.

LL: Really? If so can i join you?

Ristar: Of course!

LL: Hooray i finally can *dies*

Ristar: darn

*Ending cutscene*

Dark Ristar: Well well well if it isn't Ristar and his gang of ungay ungays.

Gray Ristar: I find that offensive you sexy peice of meat

Dark Ristar: Begone ungay (Sprays Gay Gas in face's)

Ristar: Ough it hurts i think im having a annurism

Dark Ristar: Oh no thats not good! Somebody call a doctor

Doctor: Im here what seems to be the problem?

Dark Ristar: This man is having a annurism!

Doctor: Im going to have to perform a X-Ray to find out

Doctor: (opens Ristar and X-rays his blood)

Doctor: Yep thats an annurism all right

Dark Ristar: Thank you doctor (sprays him with gay gas)

Doctor: *dies then becomes gay* man i feel less straight for some reason

Harribo: Oh no you don't (eats doctor)

Dark Ristar: Damn that was my only surviving gay soldier

Ristar: What happend to the rest?

Dark Ristar: They turned gay and died as planned. But enough talk have at you!

(a 100 hour fight scene takes place)

Dark Ristar: fools you havn't realised the gay gas has made me stronger, and on top of that i can still do this! (Becomes Darker Ristar)

Ristar: oh no i forgot he had those

Grey Ristar: He's even more perfect than before!

Darker Ristar: haahahaaaahaahaha you stand none chance

(A 2 hour cutscene takes palce)

Darker Ristar: Ouch you have hit my glowy eye and now i will perish

Grey Ristar: NO my love don't die!

Darker Ristar: (dies)


Ristar: I'll miss him in 5 days or so

Harribo: (Eats Grey Ristar) I finally landed a hit on that Darker Ristar amoungst this gas!

Ristar: That was Grey Ristar!

Harribo: Ah well

Dark Ristar: (revives) You can't beat me that easy. (escapes)

Ristar: Until next time Dark Ristar


Trivia Edit

In later games it is hinted Grey Ristar survived being eaten, despite them being eaten.

It is implied in Ristar 6 that Dark Ristar revived by telling god he would call his mom a tranny if he did not get revived.

Ristar will start dancing the default dance if you enter the konami code, instantly draining all his health in battle.

Ristar can find shades in the Tower of the future and put them on only making a cosmetic change. This could be how Ristar becomes Sunglasses Ristar.