Ristar 3

Plot Edit

The game opens with a 53 minute cutscene mostly filled with a fight between Ristar and The new Villian of the game Barkley the Cornbread Demon over control of the universe goblet filled with the life force of all the universe, making you able to go into or destroy all universes so if Ristar doesn't get it then that's no good!

After the fight is over BtCD wins and takes the goblet and spills it on the floor jumping into a random universe before Ristar can get back up and relise he made a error in judgement before he jumps into on the Multiverses of the players choosing starting the game.

You can decide to go into 6 Multiverses all with their own Ristar to accompany you with Unique abilities each to aid Ristar in his quest.

Plok multiverse: With Plistar who can launch his limbs.

Bread Multiverse: With Carstar who can eat the level to speed up to super sonic speeds after consuming Carbs.

Gqaurkfield Multiverse: With Garstar who's only ability that aids the player is his resistance to wind other wise the Multiverse is mostly a escort mission making this the least liked Multiverse among the community.

Small Multiverse: With Smallstar who is small

Basketball Multiverse: With Charles Bastar who can perform higher jumps and can throw enemies.

Darkspine Multiverse: With Darkspistar who can collect the Mutiverses dark rings which are to evil for normal Ristar to touch.

Hell before you die: This is the final level where Ristar fights BtCD and all the Multiverse Ristars form into Alternate universe mega form finite version darkspine charles Ristar to fight BtCD as in retaliation combines with all of his own Mutiverse forms to create Barkley The Alternate universe mega hyper form gold version hoopz vitale Cornbread demon. This can be unlocked after finding all the secrect Drug shards and doing it before you die.

This game was so good it made the Revived Mecha jobs (former CEO of valve) die all over again and not being able to be revived. So it was only released in Germany.

Aftermath Edit

After beating the game 100% you can go into the short secrect Multiverse known as the Crystal Multiverse, there is only 1 small corridor leading to a shard with Dark Ristar frozen in it. You are unable to free him only watch

Script Edit

Ristar: Hey man thats not something you should be touching

BtCD: To bad

(52 minute fight scene)

Ristar: (Passed out)

BtCD: Oh man i better leave before he catches me (drops goblet and goes into a multiverse portal)

Ristar: (wakes up) woah what are these? (he points to portals as if someone is there, he jumps in one).

Trivia Edit

The drug shards can be found in Ristar 2: And the crystal shards in the crystal caverns but Ristar doesn't seem to realise they are drugs.

The creators of the game said Dark Ristar did not play anyrole in the game so that they could flesh out Barkley the corn demon and the other Ristars without having to put in scenes of Dark Ristar calling them gay or hetero.

Ristar when completing each Multiverse will say "Radical" this is thought to be a reference to Radical Red Ristar but it is unknown as Ristar 0 was released after.

In the smallverse you can find a drawing of Harribo before Ristarpg was released proving both games were worked on near the same time.

In the Basketball universe if you wait before talking to Bastar for 1 hour and 40 minutes he will throw a basketball at the wall moving a panel to a secrect area where you can find Bandpappy Bastar's house filled with Xbox's Sunglasses, and a sonic esque looking figure but its dark with yellow eyes and no torso. It is unknown whether this hints at Sonk Ristar or not given how long Ristar 4 took to be created after Ristar 3.