Planet Undertow is the second planet in the Genesis version of the game Ristar.


A planet which is covered with azure seas and oceans. There is so much water that the tides and water levels are regulated so the inhabitants can live safely in this aquatic world. That was until Ohsat appeared and blocked the valves to the regulator with corks! The tides became unpredictable, and the whole planet was flooded! Now it's a silent kingdom of submerged ruins and ocean wildlife. The planet is also known as Leatow.

This planet is based around swimming and water hazards such as Turbines and Spiked Coral.

The two treasures in this area are the Pearl Oyster and the Magical Lamp.

The mini boss is a slew of regular enemies and the boss is Ohsat.



  • In Ristar for the Game Gear, a handheld device by SEGA, this planet is replaced with plant Tera in which the player starts off in an area in the sky filled with clouds, rainbows and beanstalks. In the second stage, the player ends on pirate ships and must jump along these pirate ships to finish the level. The boss is similar to that on planet Freon and will throw pillows at you which do damage. He also sleeps and, along with him, there is also what looks like a bat and he must be defeated before the main boss can be hurt. When the main boss sleeps, bubbles will come out of his mouth and Ristar must grab them in order to reach the bat.