Planet Tera-1

The first stage of Planet Tera.

Planet Terra, also known as Panet Fanturn (JP), is the second planet in Ristar for the SEGA Game Gear and its two stages contain very different environments. The first stage is exclusive to the japanese version and sees you on clouds in the sky and you must hop along these clouds, climb up beanstalks and jump over rainbows. There are quite alot of chests on this stage and a variety of enemies. The second stage takes you to a pirate ship setting and you must use cannons, rope and other ways to get between each ship. Each of the ships themselves are quite detailed and the figurehead on the 'bow' of each ship is a statue of one of the 'flying squirrel-type' enemies. The boss of Planet Terra (Tapir) is similar to Itamor on Planet Freon in the way that he will try to suck you in, however, he will throw pillows at you that, when he opens his mouth, must be thrown back at him. But this is not the only thing you must do. In the room, there is also an enemy that resembles a bat and when Tapir goes to sleep (which he will occasionaly), bubbles will come out of his nostrils and Ristar must grab these bubbles in order to get to the bat. Tapir cannot be harmed until the bat is defeated. This takes three hits. When the bat is taken down, you must continue to throw the pillows back at Tapir until he turns several colours and is then defeated.

Planet Tera-2

Planet Tera, Stage 2


  • During the boss battle, when the Tapir sleeps, the background setting changes.
  • Terra means Earth in portuguese