Freon is a planet of Valdi System. This planet has been placed into an eternal ice age thanks to Itamor and Greedy's forces!

Context Edit

The inhabitants are used to annual harsh winter, but this time they are getting frozen solid!  Try not to

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slide onto a series of frozen stalagmites! The frigid waters of the land hold some durable wildlife, and the ice statues seem to follow you with their eyes... Can't be, it's just the light! Or is it? Freon is also refered to as Elykiki by the neighbouring planets.

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Itamor was sent by Greedy to freeze the planet's inhabitants and cause their hearts to turn as cold as ice, so they would never be able to enjoy warm happy feelings again! He likes nothing more than frozen candy which he munches on all the time. He is pretty shorth-tempered, though. If, for example, the candy will be too deeply frozen for him to eat, he will get irritated and toss it away angrily. Itamor can freeze the enemies in the surrounding area with his chilling breath, then he usually inhales strongly and sucks in everyone nearby. And although he looks cumbersome he can jump extremely high and bounce on landing. He does have one weakness, though. He has a dislike of hot and spicy food. This includes the Bipeds' famous soup! A old rival comes to help defeat this cool boss!

Trivia Edit

  • In the Western releases of the game, Ristar would begin the stage by skiing down a mountain, it is not present in the Japanese version.