Planet Flora is the first planet in both versions of the game Ristar.

Planet Flora image

A lush rainforest covers this planet, and many of the inhabitants and plants have evolved around the basic instinct of survival. The inhabitants of Flora are known to be close with Mother Nature. In fact, so close that they are able to magically control the growth of the plants of their green planet. But the plants seem to be growing out of control! For some reason this planet is also called Neer in some places of the Solar System!

Some of the plants that exist are trees, of which Ristar can swing on, bushes, which could contain explosives or rabbits, Hovering Flytraps that can be stood on, giant seedlings, used for floating up into the air and Light Trees,to brighten up dark areas.

The two treasures in this area are the Star Flower and the Twinkle Apple.

The mini boss is the Armoured Tree Snake and the boss is Riho.