Dark Ristar Edit

In Ristar 2: And the Crystal Shards Ristar gets hit by a crystal shard and he gets a concussion. This concussion manifests itself into Dark Ristar. (Seen below)

Differences Edit

The main difference with Dark Ristar is that he’s actually gay.

“I hate you!” -Dark Ristar’s quote.

In the Story Edit

After Dark Ristar first appears, the first thing he does is kill Grandpappy Ristar, Ristar’s Uncle. This causes Ristar (Now known as Light Ristar) to kill Dark Granpappy Dark Ristar (DGDR for short). It turns out that Steve Jobs, was the one that threw the crystal shard at Light Ristar on accident. This starts the main plot of the game as Light Ristar must find all the crystal shards that Light Steve Jobs accidentally threw at people causing their dark counterparts to appear.