Backstory Edit

Alternate universe mega form finite version darkspine charles Ristar (or AUMFFVDCR) is from Ristar:3 a crack in the multiverse where in the finale world where the main villian (Barkley The Cornbead demon) combines all of the multiverses together to create the Hyperverse he tries to find his Hyperverse self Barkley The Alternate universe mega hyper form gold version hoopz vitale Cornbread demon (or BTAUMHFGVHVCD) But instead he finds AUMFFVDCR in which he procedes to hit Barkley in his ovaries knocking him out instantly before claiming he is the true ruler of the hyperverse before casting a evil spell on ristar making his shoes become uncomfortable goo and a fight insues and where Ristar defeats AUMFFVDCR and he breaks into his base Multiverse forms and they all return to their universe. He was never heard from or mentioned again in any other Ristar game since.