The true ending Edit

The true ending to Ristar is something of a legend amongst many genesis fans,hackers, and data miners alike only finding one image to this so called alternate ending for 10 years, (image to right).

Before in an interview in 2015 where the creator told a horrifying tale of the original true Ristar ending.

"It didn't always come out hunky dory for Ristar we had other plan for him aside from having it be a platformer. We wanted drama,lust,mystery, and weakness. Somedays i wish we still had it the way it was at first, before Sega shot it down saying it was to much for anybody even him to take, before he immediatly died of shock and had to be replaced on the spot where that president soon looked at the ending and died of potassium difficancey. But i'll tell it to you today because without crisp 16-bit graphics on a smooth blast processor chip inside a smooth hunk of a system *licks lips furvently* At first Ristar would have a romatic intrest throughout the games, but after beating the game it turns out she fell for the villian and commits lifen't infront of Ristar and his 5 year old son Gerald the 2nd. He soon goes on a alcohol fuled bender leaving his son for a hooker near a TGI Fridays before gasing himself out with the cars exaust crying over how it all seemed so innocent before life had to ruin all he had before he scoops his iris's out with a melon baller and crys blood as he drives off a cliff into sonic the hedghog ending both game series for good. Obviosly i guess that wasn't family friendly."